Books by Marcia Vogl

Live Supernaturally, The Christian’s Journey-Dancing With God

The Path Forward

The Path Forward is a Christian mentoring handbook designed to help individuals walk according to biblical principles. Mentoring includes healing of emotional wounds, breaking ungodly patterns, and developing a godly lifestyle for launching into greatness. The contents of this book endeavors to provide guidance, correction, and encouragement as the reader moves forward along the path to a truly fulfilling and satisfying future.

Dancing With God - The Christian Journey to Live Supernaturally

Designed to be a step by step tool to break off blocks, burdens and barriers standing in the way of our spiritual intimacy.

You will be skillfully guided through a process where you will consider past experiences, seasons of life, and generational influences that are sources of blocks.  Properly applying repentance and forgiveness will open the way to greater spiritual freedom. You will then have a way to develop a new lifestyle congruent with the Word of God, letting you enter greater spiritual intimacy.

Live Supernaturally, The Christian’s Journey-Dancing With God